**If there is a service you are interested in but do not see listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss how Gaccione Landscaping can arrange to meet your every landscaping need!

Services We Offer

​Landscaping, Hardscape and

Property maintenance professionals



Gaccione Landscaping is well equipped and prepared to handle all of your landscaping needs and projects. We currently provide a large variety of property care services to the Nutley, Montclair, Clifton, Bloomfield, Ceder Grove, Glen Ridge, Belleville, New Jersey area which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Maintenance of Property:
The art of keeping a residential and/or commercial property healthy, clean, and attractive.  Maintaining the grass, edging and blowing off the property, trimming shrubs/trees, Spring/Fall Clean Ups (see explanation in next paragraph), and leaf removal are recommended in order to keep your property well manicured and looking fresh.  In addition, a fertilization program may be recommended to ensure  a healthy growing lawn. This program can be adjusted to meet your lawn’s needs and your budget.

Spring Clean Up begins mid-March and prepares your property for the upcoming lawn maintenance season. This service includes blowing out the property of unwanted leaves, thatching the lawn, edging the property/beds, and removal and disposing of all debris.  Similarly, a Fall Clean Up prepares your property for the holidays and the dormancy of winter.  It includes a final blowing out of fall leaves, edging the property/beds, and removal and disposal of all debris, as well as a final maintenance, if needed.

Landscaping Property:

A customized plan put together to assess your property and collaborate your ideas with ours to maximize the health and overall design of your property. These ideas may include, planting of flowers and/or shrubbery, and/or the removal of same.

A simple layer of wooden chips (typically red, black, or brown) that can beautify specific areas on your property. Mulch can be placed around gardens, trees, and decorative bushes and flowers to give your lawn a more finished, polished look.

Hand Pruning:
The fine-scale procedure of hand manicuring plants and fast growing shrubbery and  trees.

This is the part of your property consisting of structures and paths (Pavers/Retaining Walls) that can also be designed to maximize the beauty of your outdoor space.

Snow Removal:
We provide a snow removal service to both commercial and residential properties. We can arrange a prior agreement to meet all your  snow removal requirements.

Debris/Rubbish Removal:
We gladly offer free estimates for removal of fallen tree branches, bush and/or stump removal, as well as unsightly rubbish.